Different Types of Golf Putters

Before you choose which among the various designs of golf putters you’re going to buy, you need to know what exactly the different kinds of putters are. Basically, putters are categorized into three types, which includes the belly and long putters, and the conventional putters. Each of these types of putters differs in length, and are suitable for varying putting postures.

The conventional putters are among the most commonly used putters of all types, at least for novice golfers. This is because they are the shortest, which, as far as length is concerned, are most suitably used by beginners given their level of difficulty to use.

In order for you to keep an ideal posture for putting, you need to lean forward while taking your stance. This makes your eyes aligning directly over the putt’s line. As you maintain this position, your arms should be hung down loosely while bringing both palms together. Unfortunately, this posture can only be taken if you’re using conventional golf putters, which are usually around 32-36 inches in length.

However, most pro golfers, and even some of the amateurs, prefer using a long or belly putter instead of the conventional one. The reason is that a conventional putter requires you to have steel-like nerves and minimal wrist action. As a beginner, this can be hard to pull off, as you’re still conscious of what exact position each part of your body should be before putting. In golf, if you have those unnecessary movements made by your hands during a stance, you’re considered ‘handsy’.

Expert golfers would say that a conventional golf putter can provide a decent combination of mechanical precision and feel. Apparently, there are some putters that allows for certain unwanted wrist actions to happen.

Golf PuttersWith belly putters, you will have that third point in which contact will be made. Your abdomen, which is not involved when using a conventional putter, will be put to use if you’re putting with a belly putter. This part of your body can be utilized to your advantage, as it makes your stance more stable while keeping the right balance to your stroke.

A belly putter usually measures about 41-44 inches in length. This putter anchors against your body, while keeping wrist movements at a minimum. Through this, you can achieve a close-to-ideal posture.

Unfortunately, these golf putters are relatively longer and have thicker grips. This reduces that feel to the club when making your shot. You may notice your control over shot distance a bit dicier given the putter’s shaft being lengthier.

Long putters help create that pendulum swing effect when making your putting stroke. This completely removes that wrist hinge. With this type of putter, a player would be taking his upright stance, which is beneficial particularly for golfers experiencing painful backs.

These golf putters are available in lengths ranging from 48-52 inches, which is a lot longer as compared to your belly putters. This is why many this type of putter as the broomstick putter. Because of their length, there is less feedback and feel to using them. Distance control also becomes more difficult.

The advantage to this kind of putter, however, is that wrist movement is completely eliminated. Due to its qualities, many claim that it’s a golfer’s last hope if he’s not quite good at putting. Should this not cure your problems or nerves when putting, it might be a good idea to ditch the idea of pursuing golf – at least for the moment – and practice your swing.

Knowing all of the qualities of each golf putters, you should be able to identify what exactly suits your style of play. Just keep in mind that one of the most important aspects in golf is experiencing that ‘feel’, which applies to every type of golf club.

There are several types of golf putters to choose from, depending on your skill level.

Buy Your Portable Storage Containers Wisely

Portable storage containers are now readily available for rent or for sale. The ample supply however, does not mean that you can avoid making wrong decisions when you buy one because most of the time ending up with a bad deal is the buyer’s fault, so be wise while shopping for your containers. Whether you will be using such containers for your personal storage needs or for your business, the following tips can help you find the perfect portable storage containers for you.

Locate Various Sources

As mentioned, these containers are offered by many companies now so it is easy to find various distributors. You can buy one directly from shipping companies or through dealers. Do not worry about their prices yet. Just pinpoint possible companies where you can buy your storage container from and list them down. You can ask for referrals from your colleagues or you can simply go online and search for them as most of these companies already run their own websites.

Compare Prices

Shipping companies usually are able to offer portable storage containers for better prices, simply because they are the main sources. However, you must remember that the prices of these containers usually do not include the delivery fees yet. That means that you will be charged on top of the selling price with the delivery. If your place is near a port, then you can enjoy these better prices. If not, then your best option is to find an inland distributor that sells these storage containers at still reasonable prices.

Portable Storage containersLarge distributors, for instance, are able to keep a huge inventory and thus, can sell them at competitive prices. That does not mean however, that smaller dealers always sell expensive containers, as some would also like to get rid of some of their old stocks. The key, therefore, is to shop around and inquire from these dealers. Compare prices from containers of same sizes and condition.

Inspect the Portable Storage Containers

Take time to visit the dealer to inspect the container, especially if you plan to use it as a storage area of your important items. Office documents and records, for instance, have to be kept safe and free from damages at all times, so the container must be free from leaks, cracks, and infestations. Remember that most of these containers have already been used to transport cargoes locally or internationally, hence they may have some dents or scratches in their bodies. Some may even have a hint of odor of whatever was transported there before.

This is why it will be really wise if you check the container for yourself before paying for it and before you have it delivered to your place. Do not just believe what the sales representative would tell you on the phone, unless they offer free returns in case you are not satisfied with the container that you received. Small damages that do not affect the strength or sturdiness of these containers are acceptable, but that really depends on what you intend to store inside.

Decide on the Size

Standard sizes of portable storage containers are 20 and 40 feet, although their lengths can really range from 8 to 53 feet. It is best that you assess how much space your items will consume before you buy a container so that you can stick to the right size and avoid paying for a large one. Consider your future needs too, because if you will need additional storage spaces soon then it is better to buy a larger container now than go through the trouble of buying another one or selling your current container in exchange of something bigger.

All in all, to be a wise buyer, you must take time and consider your choices. Compare, inspect, and assess your needs. Follow that and you will be getting a container that is worth every cent that you paid for it.

6 Practical Uses of Misting fans You Should Know

If you already have an air conditioning system, cooling fans and air humidifiers installed at home or at the office, chances are acquiring a misting fan for cooling purposes would now seem pointless. After all, they are all essentially the same. In addition, misting fans generally are for outdoors that you wouldn’t dare install any of them inside your house right?

misterQuite wrong, because there are practical uses for a misting fan more than just for outdoor use and there are places that would render the use of a misting fan the ideal cooling system, bar none.

For the home

Electric bills during summer can be as unbearable as the summer heat. That is if you use air conditioners all day and night with temperatures hitting 100 degrees upwards. Using an electric fan could be practical but is not the ideal way to go as it just circulates warm, humid air.

Using a misting fan, however, effectively cools down indoor air without you having to pay for increased power consumption. Most misting fan manufacturers now incorporate a technology that allows fans to release mists that evaporate easily. So, issues about indoor wetness and for-outdoors-only notions about misting fans should be set aside. You can also use it anywhere inside the house and in open-windows settings to let fresh air in.

Outdoors such as the poolside porch or garden

There are various misting fan models specifically for poolside and porch misting purposes that let you enjoy family outdoor activities even under extreme summer heat. High noon is especially intolerable for most people but using misting fans will give you a means to enjoy summer outdoors all day long without having to endure the terrible heat. You can definitely look forward to a more enjoyable weekend grilling parties, poolside parties and family reunions using an outdoor misting fan.

Warehouse and Industrial facilities

Air conditioning could be costly for huge warehouses and industrial facilities. Business owners could save on power consumption by using industrial misting fans instead of centralized air conditioning systems. So if you happen to manage a warehouse containing non-perishable goods or items that are not temperature-specific, then using an industrial misting fan is definitely more practical. Also, installation costs and overhead for misting fan systems are just about half of what you will shell out with air conditioning systems.

For Sports and concert venues

Well-attended open-roof events during hot summer days could spell exhaustion, heat fatigue and even heat stroke for unsuspecting fans. So it should be necessary to set up outdoor misting fans at strategic places around the stadium or concert venues to keep the audience cool while sitting directly under the sun for hours.

Agricultural and livestock enclosures

The agricultural sector greatly benefits from the use of a misting fan as a practical means to keep barns, stables and other animal enclosures cool, clean and comfortable for livestock and other farm animals. Poultry, for example, don’t have any sweat glands to keep their body temperatures low so that they could easily die from heat stroke during hot days. So the use of a misting fan is necessary during hot summer months to prevent a lot of animals from dying out. In greenhouses, temperatures can be easily regulated using a misting fan and also it’s a means for watering plants.

For misting effects in shows and photography

A misting fan can be used in entertainment and the arts as a means to generate misting effects in concerts and stage shows. It can also be used for a misting effect in photography especially if you want to produce rainbow during an outdoor photo shoot. The possibilities are endless if you are creative enough.