28 Jan 2014

Different Types of Accommodation Available in South Africa

When you travel you have many options open to you regarding the different types of accommodation.
17 Jan 2014

Live with the Butterflies in Mindo

If I could tell you how to get to Mindo I would. Sadly I can’t. I know that it is in Ecuador and that I travelled form Quito in a bus and then a truck but I
26 Nov 2013

Roll Up for Some Bargains at Tarabuco

One of the great things about being in a city far from home is that everything looks exciting. Even dental clinics and bakeries look kind of thrilling when you don’t understand the words on their signs. However,
22 Nov 2013

No More Skiing at Altitude in Chacaltaya?

There was one thing above all else which persuaded me to make the trip to Chacaltaya; the world’s highest ski slope. I had no intention of skiing on the thing and it’s not as though I normally
18 Nov 2013

Living the High Life in Oruro

I need to start off by pointing out that “living the high life” in this contexts means being in a city which is located at about 3700 metres above sea level. If you want to live the
14 Nov 2013

Lapland for Ice Hotels and the Northern Lights

If you were asked what you know about Lapland then the fact the Santa Claus lives there would presumably be high on the list. Thankfully, there is a lot more to it than that. For example, you
10 Nov 2013

Followed the Paved Road to Ulan Bator

What could be more interesting than the capital city in a country historically made up of nomads? In truth, Ulan Bator (also known as Ulaanbaatar) looks like one of the most boring places in the world when
6 Nov 2013

Thimphu: The Capital with no Airport of Traffic Lights?

Thimphu has been described as possibly the only capital city in the world with no airport and no traffic lights. This gives us an idea of how remote and exciting a place the capital of Bhutan is.
5 Nov 2013

Only slightly off the beaten track…

With more than 50 miles of sandy shores—more than any other Hawaiian island—Kauai is a holiday dream. It’s easy to give in to “Hawaii time” and use your time unwinding on the sand.
2 Nov 2013

Phnom Penh is More Exciting Than You Think

It is rather unusual to call a capital city a remote place at the end of the road but Phnom Penh isn’t exactly your run of the mill capital. These days a lot of tourists take a