6 Practical Uses of Misting fans You Should Know

If you already have an air conditioning system, cooling fans and air humidifiers installed at home or at the office, chances are acquiring a misting fan for cooling purposes would now seem pointless. After all, they are all essentially the same. In addition, misting fans generally are for outdoors that you wouldn’t dare install any of them inside your house right?

misterQuite wrong, because there are practical uses for a misting fan more than just for outdoor use and there are places that would render the use of a misting fan the ideal cooling system, bar none.

For the home

Electric bills during summer can be as unbearable as the summer heat. That is if you use air conditioners all day and night with temperatures hitting 100 degrees upwards. Using an electric fan could be practical but is not the ideal way to go as it just circulates warm, humid air.

Using a misting fan, however, effectively cools down indoor air without you having to pay for increased power consumption. Most misting fan manufacturers now incorporate a technology that allows fans to release mists that evaporate easily. So, issues about indoor wetness and for-outdoors-only notions about misting fans should be set aside. You can also use it anywhere inside the house and in open-windows settings to let fresh air in.

Outdoors such as the poolside porch or garden

There are various misting fan models specifically for poolside and porch misting purposes that let you enjoy family outdoor activities even under extreme summer heat. High noon is especially intolerable for most people but using misting fans will give you a means to enjoy summer outdoors all day long without having to endure the terrible heat. You can definitely look forward to a more enjoyable weekend grilling parties, poolside parties and family reunions using an outdoor misting fan.

Warehouse and Industrial facilities

Air conditioning could be costly for huge warehouses and industrial facilities. Business owners could save on power consumption by using industrial misting fans instead of centralized air conditioning systems. So if you happen to manage a warehouse containing non-perishable goods or items that are not temperature-specific, then using an industrial misting fan is definitely more practical. Also, installation costs and overhead for misting fan systems are just about half of what you will shell out with air conditioning systems.

For Sports and concert venues

Well-attended open-roof events during hot summer days could spell exhaustion, heat fatigue and even heat stroke for unsuspecting fans. So it should be necessary to set up outdoor misting fans at strategic places around the stadium or concert venues to keep the audience cool while sitting directly under the sun for hours.

Agricultural and livestock enclosures

The agricultural sector greatly benefits from the use of a misting fan as a practical means to keep barns, stables and other animal enclosures cool, clean and comfortable for livestock and other farm animals. Poultry, for example, don’t have any sweat glands to keep their body temperatures low so that they could easily die from heat stroke during hot days. So the use of a misting fan is necessary during hot summer months to prevent a lot of animals from dying out. In greenhouses, temperatures can be easily regulated using a misting fan and also it’s a means for watering plants.

For misting effects in shows and photography

A misting fan can be used in entertainment and the arts as a means to generate misting effects in concerts and stage shows. It can also be used for a misting effect in photography especially if you want to produce rainbow during an outdoor photo shoot. The possibilities are endless if you are creative enough.